Captain Steve Beare with On Island Time Charters offers you a professional fishing guide service that specializes in Fly and Light Tackle Angling along the biologically diverse waters of the Indian River Lagoon and Treasure Coast. Our Inshore, Nearshore and Fly Guide services operate in Sebastian, Vero Beach and Fort Pierce.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced angler, if you have the desire to fish the grass flats and back country potholes silently stalking Redfish, Snook and Speckled Sea Trout, chasing tailing Permit, fishing the beaches for migrating Tarpon, or trolling for a chance with a trophy game fish, join us at On Island Time Charters and let us guide you to your next fishing adventure.

Fishing Report


The cold fronts start coming south with low temps and strong north east winds which means the Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel and Black Drum become daily catches.  These fish will be coming in the Inlet and working their way both north and south in the Indian River.  The Redfish and Seatrout will be in the deeper holes and channels. The Pompano bite along the beach should be good if you are using sand fleas and/or clams. 

Indian River Forecast – October

In October we generally start to see a drop in the temperatures and an uptick in the winds, as Florida transitions to its fall weather patterns.  The overwhelming winds the last couple of weeks of September have kept us from fishing the beaches but as the fall migration continues we've seen a push of large Snook come onto the flats.  The fall mullet run has been inconsistent at times due tot he weather but as the winds subside, we will see large schools of Mullet migrate down the beaches.  Snook, Jack Crevalles, Lady Fish and Tarpon, will be present in the trough looking to take advantage of the large schools.  The mullet run has been nothing short of entertaining with most of the action taking place around docks, seawalls and mangrove shorelines.  The Trout bite has been consistent when fishing top-water along the flats in the early morning.  As the sun rises, match the hatch of the mullet run with DOA Bait-busters, Hogy Paddle tails and subsurface twitch-baits.    Quite frankly...its another great month to fish along the Treasure Coast.  

Indian River – Post Hurricane Dorian Mid-September

Well, the man above heard our plea's and Florida was spared from Hurricane Dorian.  As we continue our relief efforts for our friends and family in the northern Bahamas, the fishing has seemingly heated up.  The Snook bite in both the Fort Pierce and Sebastian inlets has been great.  And with Snook season opening, live bait has been producing some solid slot linesiders.  Tarpon have been congregating along the turning basin and bridges on the outgoing tide.  Sightfishing between Wabasso and Harbor Branch has taken a back seat for now while we wait for the water to clear, however areas near the inlets have seen a steady flow of clean crisp blue water.  Despite the dirty water from the storm surge, fishing along the Indian River been good.  With the dirty water, focus your artificial's and live bait along docks, seawalls, mangrove shorelines and spillways for opportunities of a mixed bag.  August is a warm month along the east coast so the Trout bite has been best in the predawn hours, but as the sun and water temperatures rise, they will push to the deeper water.   

Indian River Forecast – September

September 1st this year brings us a different D-Day as everyone along the east coast is completing final preparations for Hurricane Dorian's impact.  Prior to this week, the high Southeast winds and onshore swell brought large amounts of seaweed along the beach shoreline which has made fishing difficult.  Following the predicted rainfall, we should have a steady flow of fresh water into the estuary.  Target relief canals, culverts and spillways for the opportunity at awaiting Snook, Trout and juvenile Tarpon.  For all those along the east coast of Florida we wish you a safe storm.  Wish us luck.  Please Dorian take a right turn North into the Atlantic!   

Indian River Lagoon Forecast- August

August provides calm conditions and an ample opportunity to fish the beaches and nearshore reefs which bring plenty of action and a welcome mixed bag of pelagics.  Beach fishing is at its peak, with re minnows and other bait pods migrating the shoreline from the Disney Resort south the Boils.  The Tarpon, Snook and Jack Crevalles have been following the large schools of minnows so match the hatch by putting on a DOA Baitbuster or Hogy Swimbaits.  For my fly guys, a Clouser Minnow or small baitfish pattern have been providing the most action.  Just off the beach you will also find the Spanish Mackeral annihilating the large pods of pilchards and greenies.  The Spinner Sharks are on a seemingly constant aerial display with the early showing of some large mullet.  Rig up with a heavy, or wire, leader as the Spanish Mackeral and Spinner Sharks are infamous for cutting lines.  Like every other August, the SeaTrout bite is best in the early morning hours, before the water temperatures rises.  As temperatures rise  you will find the trout in the deeper potholes and along the channel edge.  Another great month to fish the Indian River along the Treasure Coast!

Indian River Lagoon Report – July

July is synonymous with students enjoying Summer Break, extremely hot weather and beaches lined by a "Lake Atlantic" a term locals use to describe a calm Atlantic Ocean.  Glass Minnows and juvenile Pilchards are along the beaches from Tracking Station to Avalon Park giving you an opportunity at a mixed bag of Snook, Spanish Mackerel, Jacks and Tarpon.  The inshore flats have been producing some nice SeaTrout for those targeting the grass flats in the early morning hours before the sunrise. Larger Snapper and Black Drum will be around the channel edges and bridges.  When fishing the channel edges., use a live shrimp under a popping cork.  As the temperatures continue to rise, hydrate and find some shade while planning your tip around the incoming tide as you will find cooler water finding its way into the river.   The Snook and Redfish have been prevalent along the mangrove shorelines but remember, Snook season is closed so please handle these fish with care.   July is another great month to fish along the Treasure Coast.  

Indian River Lagoon Fishing Report – June

June in Florida is well known for crazy weather patterns and so far, June is proving to be no different than in years past.  While we have been dodging thunderstorms and somewhat continual rain, there is good news to report as the water clarity is good and we've been noticing several areas showing signs of sea grass returning to our flats.  The Sea Trout bite has been on fire during the early morning sessions with top water plugs like a ZaraSpook producing the best. We've seen several Redfish schools in and around the flats near Round Island but they have been skittish.  The fish are here so its a great time to fish the Indian River along the Treasure Coast. For pictures of recent trips you can clink the link to your right and follow us on Instagram---->  

Indian River Lagoon Fishing Report – May

May will continue to bring warmer temperatures and the bite should remain hot following great April action.  Redfish should be more active this month and easy to spot with our clear water conditions.  The clean water  makes these Redfish a bit spooky but quite a few have been caught.  Scale down your leaders and terminal tackle as this clean water makes everything easier to see.  The Storm Mangrove Minnow and flies such as sliders have proven effective.  Snook fishing will continue to be good along the mangrove shorelines, seawalls, docks and inlets.  Enjoy May Snook fishing but remember, Snook season closes May 31st.  Seatrout will continue to more active at first light.  Toss a topwater plug like a Zara Spook or Skitterwalk in the morning and a live shrimp under your favorite popping cork as you move to deeper water as the water temps rise.  The fishing has been great, proving there is never a bad time to fish the India River along the Treasure Coast.  For pictures of recent trips you can clink the link to your right and follow us on Instagram---->

Indian River Fishing Report – April

April is usually the time that Spring makes it known she is here, however a late cold front pushed in a few days ago.  The front turned up the wind and churned up the waters along the inside from Harbor Branch north to Horseshoe Island in Sebastian.  This cold front will slow the bite a little but should pass quickly.  With the spring bait run showing it is in full affect the grass flats at the Moorings, Harbor Branch, Starvation Cove and Round Island will be active with trout and redfish.  The Indian River has continued to produce some pretty good Seatrout catches along the drop-offs around spoil islands and deeper shorelines.  Snook fishing will continue to be good this month and you should see greater numbers around docks and deeper shorelines.  Redfish have been hard to locate with the dirty water.  Pompano remain plentiful in the surf with a few Snook starting to spread out along the beaches.  The fishing has been consistent, proving there is never a bad time to fish the India River along the Treasure Coast.  For pictures of recent trips you can clink the link to your right and follow us on Instagram---->

Indian River Lagoon Report – March

March marks the transition into spring and marks the beginning of our spring bait run which means pilchards and mullet will begin to fill our waters.  You will continue to find Redfish and Snook around the Mangrove Shorelines, mud flats and shallow water docks. Trout won't be far away as they will stay along the shallow grass flats. Live bait or your favorite topwater plug should provide for plenty of action with a mixed bag, possibly even an Indian River Slam.  Snook will also begin to stack up along the inlets waiting for the large schools of bait.  Live pilchards are the go-to bait in March.  Anywhere from harbor Branch south to the Power Plant you should be able to easily find big Jack Crevalles blowing up along the shallows, seawalls and channel.  This is also the time you will want to plan accordingly for the days when you can get out along the beach for the Spring Cobia Run.  Look for big Rays and/or Sharks sunning on the surface and you are sure to find the Cobia.  While you are out searching for Cobia do yourself a favor and make your way south along the beach towards the Boils for Tarpon and Permit Action.  Live Crabs will work best, which you should be able to obtain on the outgoing tides.  If you can't find crabs, rig up a Hogy softbait and hold on!  If you can't make out the inlet, you can still find Sheephead, Black Drum and Snapper along channel edges and docks with good structure.  Spring time is a great time to fish the Indian River  along the Treasure Coast. For pictures of recent trips you can clink the link to your right and follow us on Instagram---->

Indian River Fishing Forecast – February

February is forecast to bring normal winter weather patterns with higher winds, colder weather and colder water temperatures.  Recent water temperatures have been in the 60's, making the fish a bit sluggish.  I recommend slowing your bait retrieve down and even letting it sit on the bottom longer.  This will give the fish a little more time to observe, orient and react to your bait which should result in a higher hook up ratio.  Sheephead, Black Drum and Snapper will be in their usual spots, around deeper water docks and channel edges.  Live shrimp is the key to success.  The Seatrout bite has been consistent and the grass flats are looking healthier as the sediment settles, with new sprouts of seagrass popping up in areas around the Moorings, Harbor Branch and Round Island.  Redfish have been found in areas they were absent from proving that the redfish population is bouncing back.  Look for these fish around the mangrove shorelines and mud flats.  Snook tend to get lethargic in these colder water temperatures, so fishing in locations with good moving water, like bridges, the Ft Pierce or Sebastian Inlets will prove to be worthy moves.  Pompano are still being caught on the beach just outside the trough and in the deeper areas with grass near the channels.  Bring a jacket though because its been chilly.  If you find the bite is slow, I'd recommend switching over to a small spoon or other shiny lure as the Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel and Jack Crevalles are still active along all areas from Wabasso south to the power plant in Ft Pierce.  Its been a bit cold but the action hasn't stopped proving its always a good time to fish the Treasure Coast. For pictures from recent trips you can clink the link to your right and follow us on Instagram---->  

Indian River Lagoon Report – January

Another year has come and gone.  2019 has greeted us with warmer than usual weather and seemingly rare calm conditions.  The fishing so far has been nothing short of incredible so its clear that the Redfish, Snook, Trout, Black Drum, Snapper, Pompano and a host of other species are enjoying the weather too.  Snook and Redfish are sunning along the shorelines. Use Gulp Shrimp, Paddletail Jigs, or shrimp pattern flies for greater success.  Sea Trout are active along drop offs and deeper grass flats and its hard to beat the explosion of a trout on a topwater plug like the Skitterwalk or Zara Spook.  Pompano are hanging in the surf and in the deeper water west of the Moorings Flat.  I know you wont be shocked when I say that Sandfleas are the ticket here.  Despite the weather patterns being slightly off, January is shaping up to be very productive. Finally...A huge thanks to all my clients for providing me the opportunity to do what I love and to my family who has provided me with their unwavering support.  Without all of you, I don't exist.  THANK YOU and I wish you all a prosperous 2019.  For pictures of recent trips you can clink the link to your right and follow us on Instagram---->